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Clowns-sole proof of the existence of Satan - clowns are evil

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February 15th, 2005

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03:26 pm - Clowns-sole proof of the existence of Satan
hey all!!new member here!!woo!!!well, suppose I'd better share just *why* I am scared shitless of clowns!!here is my tale of woe:-

{my parents took me to go and see the circus.big mistake.outside the tent an evil-looking-clown-on-stilts approaches, with only those grease-painted 'crosses' for eyes...*cringes*...}

evil-clown-on-stilts:-{the deepest creepiest voice, kinda like Papa Lazarou from League of Gentlemen}"Helloooooo little child, are you ready to LEAVE YOUR PARENTS AND JOIN THE CIRCUS!!!{belows deeply, followed by manic devil-clown laughter}

me:-{frightened, hides behind parents}

evil-clown-on-stilts:-{begins to have an EPLIEPTIC FIT, falls off stilts and nearly lands on us.Shaking uncontollably on the gound.muttering wierd clown gibberish.}

me:-*mentally scarred*

->bear in mind that I did not know what epilepsy was at the time and I actually thought that this clown was Satan...*GOD* i woz SOOOOOOOO scared.i actually cried myself to sleep that night.they are evil.i hate them....*gives me chills*
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