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clowns are evil

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December 26th, 2004

07:18 pm

O_O !!!


Current Mood: scaredscared
Current Music: Colony 5 - Liquid love

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December 22nd, 2004

01:46 pm
See? Fucking scary...

Current Mood: scaredscared

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December 21st, 2004

09:46 pm
I had two clowns in my bedroom when I was a child and one fell of the dresser every 5 seconds....I became convinced it was posessed....been a scaredy cat ever since
Current Mood: creativecreative
Current Music: Martine McCutcheon - On The Radio

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06:19 pm - and more evidence that he wants to kill children

Current Mood: scaredscared

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06:14 pm - ronald mcdonald tries to kill children
Ryan Roberts has a message for parents: Don't let your kids climb over statues of Ronald McDonald.

Last week, his 4-year-old son, Joey, somehow got his head wedged in between the legs of a life-size, grinning fiberglass clown - the fast-food chain's trademark - at the Kooser and Blossom Hill roads McDonald's restaurant. The mishap triggered an ordeal that ended when employees finally lathered the 40-pound preschooler's head with liquid soap and slipped him out.

Joey emerged unscathed. Nonetheless, Roberts, 34, believes statues like this one, in which the figure is seated with legs crossed ankle over knee, ought to exiled. "These things ought to be removed," he said.

In fact, workers at the Princeton Plaza restaurant immediately removed the statue, said Mike Henry, a spokesman for McDonald's Pacific-Sierra region. Henry described the mishap as an "isolated incident."

"We take this matter very seriously," he added. "No one cares more about the safety of our customers, especially children."

The incident occurred about 7:15 p.m. Friday, when Roberts took his three sons and his girlfriend, Linda Dwyer, and her granddaughter for hamburgers. As Dwyer went to the counter to order, Joey made a beeline for the statue and began to climb on it.

He was stuck for 35 minutes.

But Roberts soon noticed his son struggling to get his head out of the opening where the statue's legs crossed.

"I thought it was funny at first... the more I realized I couldn't get his head out of there, I felt panicked," Roberts said. And by this time, Joey was crying. The ordeal lasted 35 minutes, Roberts said. But Henry said employees reported the boy was stuck for only 10 minutes.

source: http://www.mercurynews.com/mld/mercurynews/news/local/5795770.htm?1c
Current Mood: scaredscared

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06:00 pm - more proof of their evil!

Current Mood: weirdweird

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04:45 pm - Rather disturbing...

Current Mood: scaredscared
Current Music: Deicide - Conquered By Sodom

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03:59 pm - Evil clown generator
Okay, this is enough to freak anyone out. I hate clowns!

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03:53 pm - vanishing_point made me join :o
I remember one of my first clown expierences was at a friends party. There was a clown there and he was jumping around and being merry. It then occured to me, that nothing but an evil being could be this happy and devious looking.

It was from this point forward, that I grew a very strong aversion towards clowns.

Another story of interest:

Once upon a merry walk through the Sunrise Mall, a clown approached me. I repeatidly said "No, please, leave me alone!"

After number of minutes, I threw my purchased items upon the floor and socked the unholy bastard in the face. :)

I hate clowns.
Current Mood: angryangry
Current Music: Borknagar - Traveller

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03:46 pm - clowns. my thoughts on them, in general.
i hate clowns. everyone knows this. even my little child, who laughs when we go to the circus. because it's like the clowns know you don't like them. they're always coming over to me and squirting me with some rose or something.

fuck you, clowns.

mazio22 (my sweet man) doesn't like clowns either. and neither does issuez. one year, i got her an "i hate clowns" christmas ornament, and she always hangs it on her tree.

so yeah. clowns suck.
Current Mood: scaredscared of clowns!

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